Do You Have A Logo Package?

Ever see someone share your logo and see that it is an outdated version or even blurry? Trying to print your logo on apparel and you do not have a good format because you only have one? How frustrating… Your logo is your brand and identity, and you want it to look good everywhere.

Do You Have A Logo Package?

Consider creating a logo package to solve these issues. A logo package will provide logo guidelines for those sharing your logo as well as a variety of high-resolution logos for them to share your logo properly.

What you need in your logo package:

  1. Quick guidelines on where people can and cannot share your logo
  2. Multiple formats of your logo: at least the main logo, black and white version, and a wide format version.
  3. Provide a high-resolution logo for each
  4. Make your package advanced and add your logo color hex codes and logo font
  5. Go even further and provide your website and social media handles

If you do not feel comfortable creating a logo package, contact a local graphic designer for help. If you are looking for a referral, I highly recommend Clay Feller of Feller Designs.

Other resources you can use to create your logo package:


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