How To Build A Blog Page

How to build a blog in WordPress

Here is how you create a main page for all your blog posts to be on.

How to create a Blog in WordPress

  • Log in to your WordPress admin account 
  • Go to Pages
  • Click Create Page 
  • Add title – Blog Title 
  • You do not need to add any content to your page  * unless your theme is not active, you may have to do some edits. 
  • Hit publish
  • Go to Dashboard – Settings – Reading 
  • Make sure you have A Static Page Selected and not Your Latest Posts 
  • Homepage Dropdown- The page designated as your Home 
  • Posts Page Dropdown- Select the new page you created
  • Change the amount of blog pages shown on a page- 10 is general 
  • Select Summary VS Full Text
  • Save 
  • Go to Appearance – Menu 
  • Add New Blog Page to Main Menu (remove old if needed) 
  • Save Menu
  • Go to website to review 
  • Create Posts and watch your blog grow! 

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