Give Back with Focus Digital

give back with focus digital

Three options to pick from! 

Be a supporter – buy me coffee

Focus Digital will be forever grateful and happy to give you a social media shout-out!

Be a sponsor of the click blog

The Click blog is a monthly blog where Focus Digital shares marketing advice at no cost to our followers. The Click blog has been recognized by local media platforms. Help keep this alive and sponsor the blog. Your logo and name will be on every social media blog-related post (4-5 posts a month on Facebook and Instagram) as well as a thank you on the blog-related YouTube videos created each month (4-5 videos). Lastly, your logo and name will be mentioned in that monthly blog post. Each donation is good for a one-month blog.

pay to give back to a nonprofit

Pay for 1-hour of time to give back to a nonprofit (you can select the nonprofit too). The nonprofit will get a 1-hour session with Focus Digital to help them with their digital marketing. 

Once you make a purchase- We will get back to you during normal business hours Monday-Friday and please allow 24 hours for a response.

If you are looking to give back, consider helping entrepreneurs like Focus Digital!

Give Back with Focus Digital

$5.00 = Buy Me Coffee
$25.00 = Be a Sponsor of The Click Blog
$50.00 = Pay To Give Back To a Nonprofit


Your contribution is appreciated. Thank You!


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