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Are Your Digital Ads Not Working?

Here are some main reasons why your digital ads are not working.

-Text is confusing

The text may make sense to you but not to the buyer. Is your message clear? Does it fit your branding? The key is Short and Sweet – to the point. Pull them in with a call to action so when they click, they can learn more. You have a few seconds to grab their attention, use your words wisely.

-Wrong Color Combination

Some color combinations could be too much and the results are a person scrolling right past your ad. Some color combinations could be hard to read. Light on light. Dark on dark. Try to stay with your brand color but don’t go overboard.

-Too Many Elements

If an ad is busy, people will see it as spam and turn away. They might get overwhelmed and not even read the ad. Keep the elements to a minimum for the best return.

-Wrong Font Selections

If the font is cursive or full of circles and designs, that can be hard to read and will have people frustrated and scrolling past. Having too many fonts is a distraction too. Keep it 2 fonts on your ad. Better yet, use your brand fonts.

-Layout Arrangement Does Not Fit

This one takes all of the above into one. It also is about the placement of the items on your ad. Is it too small, too large, not centered, cut off, etc? Is your ad pleasing to the eye? Is it mobile-friendly? Have someone review your ad before you post to get another eye on it.


I hope these were helpful and you see improvements in your ads!

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