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What is Google My Business And Why Should You Be Using It?

What is Google My Business And Why Should You Be Using It?

Google My Business (GMB) is a super helpful and easy tool for your digital presence.  Log in or add your business to Google and log in. Adding a business takes a few steps and takes minutes. If you are adding your business, Google will need to verify your business by sending a code via postcard in five (5) business days. You can still get your GMB page going during the five days.

Once logged in, you will be in your GMB dashboard.

Let’s go through the dashboard:


GMB Posts are an awesome way to advertise an event, offer, or an update. It is free and you can update as often as you like. You do not have to go too crazy with posts but add them to your content calendar to update. This will help with SEO as well. Win win! 


This is where you can edit and manage all of your business info. Try to fill out as much as you can to have a complete profile. 


My favorite section! You can see the top words searched to get to your website. You can see direct, discovered, or branded searches, total views, actions, photo views, etc.. So much incredible info here! You can know what photos bring attention or what words people associate to search your business- another great way to help improve your keywords when writing for SEO. 


This is where you can manage your Google reviews. Google has this nice and organized for what ones you have replied to and what ones you have not. Yes, you should always respond to reviews. Even the negative. Responses show you are listening, even when it hurts. You do not need to get technical but show that you saw the review, that you hear them, and thank them for their feedback. If you are struggling to get reviews, let people know even a quick sentence is greatly appreciated. Ask them in person if they would not mind taking a minute to share a review or provide an incentive for reviews. 


You can set up GMB messages from customers. If this is something you can handle the bandwidth for, this is where you will set up and manage. If you do not have FAQs on your website and get a lot of basic business questions, you may want to consider this. 


Do you share photos on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn? Share them here too! Ask people to share their photos with reviews too. Give the experience of your business through these photos to help entice people to come to see your business or call you. You can also add a video here too.


Very cool feature! GMB works with ShowClix to help you book appointments, reservations, and tickets through your GMB profile. It is no cost to you to set up, but they take a small fee from the ticket sales. You can pass that charge on to the buyer. 


Need a website real quick? Use GMB and create a basic website for a very low cost and be up and running in no time! Yes, it is a basic template and you will have to pay for your domain (the cost depends on which one you choose). If you just need a basic site, this is a good option for you to get started within minutes.


You can invite users to have access to GMB to help with the management. Add them here. 

Create an Ad

Looking to run Google ads? Here is where you will start. Make sure your GMB page and website are ready to go before running an ad. 

Add New Location

Have another business? Search here and add your business to your GMB profile.

Manage Locations

If you have more than one location, you can switch between those here and edit the info. 

Linked Accounts

See and manage link requests from other Google products, such as AdWords or Merchant Center. Just a quick way to know if accounts are set up. 

There you are! You now know how to use Google My Business. Enjoy this helpful tool from Google and see your SEO improve! 


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